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Who are we?

Chartered Institute of Customer Management is a global customer service and call centre organisation currently represented in three continents through its global implementation and certification partnership network. CICM aims to inspire the achievement of the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of customer service in every international market.

Our Vision

” To advance the practice of customer management, develop people, standards, call centre industry, and promote excellence in service delivery. ”


” CICM aims to inspire the achievement of the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of customer service in every international market. “



CICM is maintained to provide services to its students, customers and the industry. Such services may come in the  form  of:  vendor  supplier information, provision of other crucial information, industry and market surveys; training; consultation; public service; and support.


In enforcing the quality and standards and cultivating best practices within the  industry in which the CICM serves, recognition through Annual Customer Service Excellence Awards will be accorded. It is through wide recognition that the CICM is able to  develop and improve the standards of the industry.


The CICM shall position itself in the forefront of development and    progress.    It    is    the responsibility of office holders, students and members to continually keep abreast with market, technology, human resource and operational issues. Inertia, complacency and stagnation run counter to the entire CICM philosophy.

Public Interest

As the customer services and call centre industry is required to deal with the general public and places, as one of its objective, to better manage customers, it is necessary that members bear in mind the needs and sentiments of the public. The CICM is responsible to ensure that students and members conduct themselves with utmost professionalism and that the public is informed of the right conduct.

Our Guiding Principles

We Believe In Quality And Standards

The CICM sets as one of its aims the desire to develop self-regulating standards for organisations. This shall apply to both standards  pertaining to the development of the call centre/customer service industry and standards pertaining to the conduct of the CICM members.


The  CICM  undertakes,   as part of its on-going aim to raise the awareness and standards of the call centre and customer service industry and   business   applications, to provide members and non-members alike with customer service open forums, seminars, training workshops and research documents. Educational and certification programmes offered by Chartered Institute of Customer Management shall bear in mind the needs of the industry and individuals and provide forums pitched at different levels to meet these needs. Expert: Providing  relevant,  reliable and authoritative information, insight and knowledge

meet the team spearheading CICM

CICM Board

Ricky Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Ricky has been an Entrepreneur since the 1990’s and has successfully set up FET colleges. Prosperity Career College (PCC) is currently offering N4, N5 and N6 Business, Financial, Marketing and HR Management QCTO programmes. Customer Care Management was one of the successful programmes offered by PCC to many corporate companies during the years such as Eskom, Johannesburg Town Council, Madibeng Municipality, Rustenburg Municipality, Improchem and many other Corporate Companies. Ricky has been involved with CICM South Africa since 2015 till date. She has Completed a SMI (Successful Management Institute) programme Facilitated by Mike Williams for Eight years that was an ongoing programme for Entrepreneurs to get together during workshops focusing on setting Goals, Objectives and Motivational Inspiration needed to run a business. She has completed a three year Business Management Diploma, Assessors Certification, Marketing Millionares Programme, and ICB International Bookkeeping, and is currently undergoing a Design Management Diploma (Customer Service) with Unisa.

Prof. Estelle Van Tonder

Board Member

Prof Estelle van Tonder is an Associate Professor (Marketing) in the School of Business Management at the North-West University in South Africa. Her research interests include customer relationship management and electronic word of mouth marketing (eWOM). She has delivered papers at national and international conferences and also published in national and international journals.

Prof. Mornay Roberts-Lombard

Board Member

Professor Mornay Roberts-Lombard is currently Full Professor of Marketing in the Department of Marketing Management at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He is the programme manager for Masters and Doctoral studies, member of the EXCO of the School of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems and a full member of the UJ SENATE. His research focus area uncovers organisational strategies to build long term relationships with customers in a services environment. He has authored and co-authored articles in international and South African refereed journals such as the European Business Review, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research; South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, delivered conference papers at both local and international conferences, published articles in industry journals and has been awarded four academic paper awards at international conferences. He was also on the educational Board of the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) and served as the country representative (South Africa) for the Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA)

Dr. Wynand Goosen

Board Member

Dr Wynand Goosen is currently the CEO of the Infomage Rims group from where he constantly launches various strategic initiatives. As a strategist, he has pioneered various high-level programs, strategies and systems. He has developed the first Skills Development Facilitator Program for South Africa as well the first New Venture Creation Program for Entrepreneurial thinking. Additionally, he has facilitated various strategic development workshops for a range of clients in the private and public sector. He holds a portfolio of qualifications that includes Doctorates in Business, Meta Physics and Human Capital. He has board membership with several professional organisations. He is a well-known conference speaker and has been quoted in newspapers and interviewed for several television programs. Dr Goosen has also created various successful companies such as The Learning Corporation Ltd; The Infomage Rims Group; SkillzBook; Gold Rose Investments and of late, Shelfline; Venture Capital Companies in the Route to Market & technology space.

Rinos Mautsa

Board Member

Rinos is the founder of the first call centre and software development company in Zimbabwe, Africcs Pvt Ltd now known as Tech24 Group. Rinos Mautsa also established the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe the sole association of customer services and call centres in Zimbabwe with over 100 corporates as members. He is also a founding member and chairman of Zimbabwe Youth Housing Cooperative Association which now have over 5000 members in five provinces and is working with various government departments to build low cost housing units for youths in Zimbabwe. In 2014 he established the Chartered Institute of Customer Management which is offering professional qualification globally with channel partners in over 30 countries. Rinos is a holder of a Marketing Management Degree Midlands State University, Masters in Business Administration Midlands State University, and Leadership Certificate Oxford University among other qualifications.

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